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Among the many chillers, there is such an energy-saving fan, which is to carry out frequency conversion and speed regulation of the fan. The modified fan can achieve a certain degree of energy saving, and the energy saving efficiency is usually 20%~50%.

1. Status
    The motors supporting wind turbines in various types of machinery and electrical equipment in various industries in China account for about 60% of the total installed capacity of the country, and the electricity consumption accounts for about one-third of the total power generation in the country. It is worth mentioning that most of the wind turbines have large horse-drawn cars in the process of use. In addition, due to changes in production and processes, it is necessary to constantly adjust the flow, pressure, temperature, etc. of the gas; many units still use backward Adjust the flow rate, pressure, temperature, etc. of the gas shield or valve opening degree. This is actually a way to increase the resistance by artificially, and to meet the requirements of gas flow regulation in process and working conditions at the expense of energy and money. This backward adjustment method not only wastes precious energy, but also has poor adjustment accuracy. It is difficult to meet the requirements of modern industrial production and service, and the negative effects are very serious.

2, fan energy saving mode
    The emergence of frequency converters has brought about a revolution in the way of AC speed regulation. With the continuous improvement and development of frequency conversion technology in the past ten years. The variable frequency speed regulation performance is becoming more and more perfect, and it has been widely used in AC speed regulation in different fields. It has brought considerable economic benefits to the enterprise and promoted the automation process of industrial production.

    The frequency conversion speed regulation is used for AC asynchronous motor speed regulation, and its performance is far more than any previous AC and DC speed regulation mode. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, wide speed regulation range, high speed regulation precision, convenient installation and debugging, perfect protection function, stable and reliable operation and good energy saving effect.

3, fan energy saving principle
    The use of frequency converter to control the fan is a power saving method for reducing aerodynamics. Compared with the commonly used method for adjusting the air volume of the damper, it has obvious power saving effect.

Can the air cooler eventually replace the central air conditioner?

How to work in such a sultry environment has become a distress. You may have to say that there is central air conditioning afraid of anything, but in recent years, authoritative organizations have found that with the increasing use of central air conditioners, white-collar workers enjoy themselves. When the air conditioning brings coolness, the number of people suffering from "air conditioning disease" is also increasing rapidly. You can't use air conditioning because you are afraid of air conditioning! Yes, but did not say that cooling must be air-conditioned! The widespread use of air coolers now has a significant impact on central air conditioning. The cooling fan has a cooling effect of 55% higher than that of the air conditioner, which reduces the indoor temperature by about 5-10 degrees. At the same time, the air cooler also has the function of purifying air to make the air circulate, effectively making up for the drawback that the indoor air does not circulate when the air conditioner is used.

    The air cooler has unique conditions: the use of the air cooler can not close the doors and windows, but also the indoor turbid, sultry, smelly air can be discharged outside the room, while ensuring a large amount of air supply, the power consumption is the third energy consumption of the central air conditioning system. In one part, the cold air cover area of ​​the air cooler is also much larger than that of the air conditioner, and it is not environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly.

    Due to its unique functional characteristics, the air cooler is suitable for Internet cafes, shopping malls, weaving, wool, chemical fiber, garment, knitting, shoemaking, printing, packaging, electromechanical, machinery, electronics, plastics, chemical and other industries. I believe that in the future, the air cooler will replace the indoor air-cooling dominance of central air-conditioning.

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